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Apr 7, 2022
4 Day Work Week

4 Day Work Week

So apparently the powers that be are exploring the merits of a 4 day work week. I just wanted to say that I am totally on-board and fully support this initiative. Let’s be real, whoever came up with the idea of a work week consisting or working 5 days and being off 2 days needs to be taken behind a shed and beaten with a garden hose. They need to be made to kneel down on asphalt holding two foundation blocks above their heads in 12 o’clock midday sun. Somebody should make them carefully select the appropriate branch from a Guava tree to be used to tan their hide. Ahh yes…the good old days.

I have always lived my life by the adage “I work to live, I don’t live to work”. With all due respect (which usually precedes a statement of total disrespect) unlike some people, my whole identity and self-worth isn’t wrapped up in a job. I’m not saying there aren’t noble careers that are essential and are a way of life, such as doctors, teachers, first responders, internet bloggers, the people who make gin, cooks at El Pecos….but for me, a job is something I HAVE to do to allow me to pay for the things I WANT to do.

Anyway, there are some people who for some misguided reason are against this initiative. Their argument is that productivity is already low on a Friday so by making it another day off you would just shift the lack of productivity to the day before. Thursday would be the new Friday because let’s face, in T&T….“This is the Way”.

These people oppose this initiative particularly for the public sector where at the best of times productivity is optimistically about 60%. I have no empirical evidence to support that number but anecdotally it feels correct. After all 87.3% of all statistics are made up.

There are also managers that have some pathological need to see people chained to a desk for 8 hours even though they are less productive. They need therapy. I hear they’re doing amazing things in mental institutions these days.

To these people I suggest a simple yet effective way to fix the productivity issue. How about this for radical thinking…have managers actually manage their staff. Mind = blown!! Just like with work from home, those employees that prove they can deliver the same productivity from home should be allowed to do so. Likewise, those that can deliver the same productivity in 4 days versus 5 should be allowed to do so.

That's progress. We can't be stuck in 20th century thinking and approaches while talking about vision 2095. However, it all starts and ends with accountability. If Boards are held accountable for company performance they will hold Executives accountable who in turn will hold managers accountable and finally staff. See how that works. It’s like a cascade…Governance if you will.

Finally, as a manager (not me specifically bec I not standing for no nonsense), you need to understand something that applies to every aspect of your responsibility and that is, if your staff is not performing and you’re still keeping them on staff then the problem is YOU.


Disclaimer: The thoughts and views of internet TANA are not necessarily those of real life TANA or his employers and I will deny the same and shoo you like yard fowl if you approach me in public.

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