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Mar 30, 2022
A Hero Comes Along

A Hero Comes Along

So the Madame announced that this time she was going to accompany us on the trek to the Covigne River Gorge and there's not a gosh-darned thing I could do about it. Had she known what would have happened to her on the way back out I doubt she would have made such a proclamation.

Miss lady was so busy walking, talking and laughing... everything except paying attention to where she placed her feet on the slippery rocks in the river bed, she didn't notice her foot was stuck between rocks until it was too late. That's when her shout of pain pierced the tranquility of the canopy.

Immediately and without hesitation your boy sprung into action. I don't know if it was the influence of one John J. Rambo growing up or the countless hours of watching Seal Team, either way I knew exactly what needed to be done.

Despite protests that she could walk it off and some other gibberish, I knew there was no time to waste. Besides I couldn't hear her having thrown her over my back like a primary school child's giant book bag.

At this point I signalled to Bravo 1 aka Nathan who was the tip of the spear and sometimes overwatch in this small elite team. I told him Bravo 3.25 was down and he said we needed call for a med-evac or at least to reach back to where the cars were parked.

I started running down the river bed toward help like a gazelle on the Serengeti or a daddy long legs spider across a bidet. At no point did I consider the possibility of losing my footing and both of us ending up biting a tree root.

Suddenly, between pangs of pain, miss lady shout out "meh phone!!", which could only mean one thing....somehow in the mele she dropped her enchanted device. Ayana, another member of Bravo team, volunteered to go back for it but I wouldn't have it. I told her the Trini equivalent of the Marines "no soldier left behind", I said "we come together, we leaving together".

Then I explained to Madame that there was no need to worry for I had in my possession a $350 voucher for a cellular place that I won for second place in that blasted step challenge so she could get a new phone. I told her she would have to settle for a me-one instead of a me-too because let's be real, $350 in this day and age only getting you 175 packets of ketchup at KFC.

Would you believe we made the 4km run back down in record time...well after I stopped for pics of the decommissioned army bunker along the way? Well don't, because none of this happened. It's a total work of fiction like cheese in a Linda's pie. It would have been so cool if it did happen though. Anyway, by the time I'm done telling this story by the bar I'll be waiting for Paula Mae to call me for my medal.


Other 📷 can be found on my IG page @colin.m.santana

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