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Jul 30, 2021
Agree with Mr.

Agree with Mr. Trotters Man on this 1000%

By now everyone has seen this memo from boss Buzo to his employees. Lots of people have clutched their pearls and spoken out against it. I've seen this memo being labeled as an ultimatum and maybe it is.

However, one leader in the US described the requirement for public sector workers to either get vaccinated or be subjected to weekly PCR tests perfectly. The reasoning is this, everyone has the right to drink alcohol or not, but you absolutely do not have the right to drink alcohol and put other persons lives in danger by operating a vehicle. Similarly, you have the right to not be vaccinated but you do not have the right to put others at risk.

Now, there are still the uninformed or those with an agenda who will ask what about the customers, are they only taking unvaccinated customers money? Think about it, that question make any sense? There is no indoor dining, it's grab and go or delivery. Therefore unvaccinated customers are in very limited contact with restaurant employees. Remember, a primary contact is a person who has been less than 6 feet away from an infected person for more than 15 minutes. When an unvaccinated worker goes to an office they are in a confined space for long periods thus raising the risk of infecting others if they are a carrier.

Other uninformed persons will ask if the other workers are vaccinated then why worry about the unvaccinated ones? Well, for the gazillionth time, vaccinated persons can still get infected and spread the virus. That's how all vaccines work smarty pants. Vaccines help you fight the disease and not be hospitalized or die should you become infected but doesn't stop you from being infected. Also, I'm no scientist but if I had to guess which group of persons, vaccinated or unvaccinated, were most likely to facilitate the evolution of a variant it would be the unvaccinated for hopefully obvious reasons.

Ok but if vaccinated persons can get infected and spread the disease then why aren't they being tested regularly as well? If you listened to the esteemed Dr. Parasram and the smooth talking baritone Dr. Hinds in the weekly pressers you'd know that the risk of a vaccinated person spreading the virus is very low compared to an unvaccinated person. It's even lower when the majority of the population is vaccinated.

Some are also saying that making unvaccinated employees pay for their own PCR tests every two weeks is basically giving them no choice. How? They lucky it's not weekly like in some states. It's your choice to not get vaccinated but if you don't, this is what is necessary to protect the rest of employees. You expect the company to pay for your test too? Check yuh unvaxxed privilege eh.

So yes, I applaud this decision by Mr. Trotters man. Nobody is taking away anyone's choice but always remember choice comes with consequences. Allyuh don't want to get vaccinated but then still want to act like we're not in a pandemic. No man, better than that.

All employers need to take this stand. Take yuh jab or wear 10 masks and jump out yuh money for PCR tests. Plain and simple.


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