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Apr 30, 2021


Law Association out here pontificating about the lack of legal authority of police to enter people premises to break up behavior that poses a risk to public health. So in other words, doh study the PM, allyuh free to continue to jackass the scene in allyuh homes. Smh...ah fed up!

They worried about abuse of power. While people unemployed or fighting for their life in an ICU. "Rights and freedoms"....."they trampling we rights and freedoms!" Meanwhile Covid-19 keeps chugging along. Lives and livelihoods at risk but "rights and freedoms!!!" We are we own worst enemies. Ah fed up!

Too much rights and freedoms. When we were young they tell we "take yuh MMR vaccine and hush yuh mouth" and we did and protected ourselves and our loved ones. Now everybody, they tanty and nennen is a Epidemiologist and an expert in maritime security. Ah fed up!

Too many dotish people out here have the rest of us suffering.

Ok rant over.


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