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Mar 29, 2022

Ban Yuh Belly!!

Let me just say that I too have been saddened by the untimely passing of one of my favorite soca artistes and a man I consider more versatile than Chadon Beni or Vicks Vapor Rub.

You see, not only have I been thoroughly entertained by him at various fetes over the years...more than that, Blaxx has made an appearance in many a post on this page. Thankfully he's never seen it fit to approach me in public and hit me a "bellaz", not even the time I bounced him up in the line in El Pecos and was obviously star struck and eyeing down his box of food. I almost put some geera poison...err...pork in my own container all kinda ting.

I'm not a soca expert by any means but what I have is a PhD in feteing and talking level gobar. From my years of doing both I can say without fear of contradiction that Blaxx has never given a bad performance or completed a set without going bareback. It is that level of confidence I aspire to in own my life. I remember one fete he stripped down to reveal that unique physique because, he as he put it, he wasn't going to allow Ricardo Drue to steal the show with all his abs.

At another function the boss came on after Salty sang his "rabba rabba, ribby, dibby, dabby, boong, bang" song and was livid that people were calling that music. Like a sweaty, annoyed, loving parent he proceeded to scold the young ladies in the front of the room to respect themselves and stop dragging their bamsee on the ground. That is character!

What I will remember most is his persistence with his craft and determination to develop the future talent in soca. Far too many times Blaxx has had tunes that were miles ahead of his peers in terms of lyrical content, melody and vibes but only to play second fiddle to some tripe. Yet he continued to be Dutty and pump out great music Breathlessly. Blaxx would not only treat you to his wonderful talent, he would also roll with his Kiskadee Karavan of artists to give you a glimpse of the future like you were at Party Time in Upper Level. I think it was during one of his performances I was introduced to the smooth sound of Teddy-th-on John.

Soca music, Carnival, feteing and indeed the world has lost a true cultural icon and man of the people. I will definitely miss the familiar call to "ban yuh belly!" which I always thought was directed at me personally.


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