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Feb 3, 2020

Coronavirus? We have it under control.

Last week yuh boy went on a trip to Jamaica for business. Mind you this was business related to my substantive job not TANA'S Log business, which by the way pays nothing.

So anyway, upon arrival I noticed that some of the officers in the airport were wearing dust masks, some surgical masks and some none at all. It's as if they weren't worried that their unprotected colleagues would some how infect them. Then again how could they get infected given they were wearing masks impervious to gypsum dust.

I mean, yes if you want to be technical their eyes were still exposed to infection but a lot of them had on spectacles, so there's that.

My concerns were alleviated when they asked me to produce my vaccination card. No, there is no vaccine for Coronavirus, they wanted to check on the status of my Yellow Fever vaccination. What better way to protect against one virus but to check for a totally unrelated disease?

So now that I was confident that Jamaica had this thing under control I was curious to see if Trinidad and Tobago was as equally thorough and well prepared. Sure enough I was not disappointed.

Yes, T&T also had the irregular and random use of various face masks but we took our precautions even further.

There was a guy with what appeared to be an infrared temperature gun testing people for elevated body temperature which could indicate some sort of illness. This diligent officer even went above and beyond by pointing the temperature gun at the crowd of passengers coming down the tunnel toward immigration.

I mean, a lay person like myself would probably have thought that to get an accurate reading you should test persons individually but then again I am not a highly trained, part-time pandemic tester. So I respectfully defer to the experts.

Finally, I was reliably informed that the immigration officers taped the holes of the windows of their cubicles to prevent infection while speaking to persons. Yes they left a small slot for you to pass your documents but I'm sure Coronavirus wouldn't think to go there.

So there you have it folks. There is no need to panic. As I have witnessed with my own eyes, we have taken every precaution to protect us from this pandemic when the thousands of visitors start flooding the country over the coming weeks.

I may not understand all of it but I was never a man of science.


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