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Jan 29, 2022
Covigne Engorged

Covigne Engorged

I know it's been a while since I've posted but I was dealing with an allergic people. You may have also noticed that the website is down, well that's because most you loggers only like free ting and the company that hosts the webpage wouldn't accept Tana's Log merchandise as payment. So we're back to we FB roots.

N E way.....This weekend I had the pleasure and privilege to visit the Covigne River Gorge. Now if you've never been and guessed that you could get to it from the rough neighborhood in Diego Martin that has parties on the basketball court from 10pm on a Friday to 10 am on a Sunday or has week long fireworks displays when it's not even old year's, then you may be right. However, yuh on your own padna, I not venturing up dey.

Actually, the access to the Covigne River Gorge is located down the Tucker Valley Road in Chaguaramas, which most people know as the road by the now defunct Base Nightclub where we have fond memories of getting braced because after they let in all the ladies, they watch big men and bawl "couples only".

The first tofu nugget of advice I would give you is to wear a long pants or tights or bring a box of cockset. The mosquitoes there are mixed with pitbull so if your party hasn't arrived when you get there DO NOT get out of your car. Not even if you see mosquitoes dragging someone's child into the bush. Just drink your water and....

Anyway, the hike itself is not a difficult one. I mean allyuh know I am not above laying in a ball and crying for my mommy on any hard hike. It's not hard but it's long. Hmm...that's definitely not a winning combination in life.

About half of the trek is road and half is the river bed. There are lots of slippery rocks and large roots trying to trip you and make you fall into the freezing cold water. I'm sure nobody would want any residents to kick this water on them. So make sure you're paying attention while walking and talking about the black and white hair girl on Love During Lockup or how much you hate Wendy from Ozark.

Now while the trail isn't too difficult you will have to actually work. There are three points where you will be required to use them bodi like arms to climb rocks. The most difficult part is where you have to climb like a 15ft waterfall using a rope. Don't get your bingos in a bunch, it's not like you're climbing Everest or the mall escalators. If I could do it then you can too.

Finally, the money shot, the happy ending if you will, is a turquoise pool at the base of a waterfall deep enough for jumping in and bathing. Just make sure to get there early because if too many people get there ahead of you it would be like trying to fit a large person into one of them small side seats in a maxi that belongs to the conductor.

The Gorge is quite picturesque and breathtaking, even if you don't have Covid or some other respiratory illness. The only problem is that with all these creatures coming out of the woodwork aka people, rivers were way easier to enjoy when they were closed, or so I'm told.


P.S. you can see more of my photography on my Instagram or "insta" as the hip people call it at

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