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Oct 31, 2021
Hike to Peechon Cove

Hike to Peechon Cove

This weekend we hiked to Peechon Cove. Yeah I know....I didn't even know I was a hiker either. Then again I figure the only difference between a hike and Carnival is hills, no alcohol and no bumcee in your face....well it depends on who is in front of you...but I digress...

Peechon Cove (yeah that's really the name) is located 3 miles after the pillars on the way to Maracas and just before the Maracas Lookout. Your landmark is a blue wooden shop on the left and a clearing where you can park on the right. Now you can't see Peechon Cove from the road or from the Maracas Lookout. It's straight down from the road on the coast. The start of the trail is one of those thick concrete culverts (not the black and white ones) that lines those bridges on the road.

The crew I went with are competitive hikers and adventure racers. They take part in that mad people race called Fusion. These people race on trails across mountains from like Arima to POS or Lopinot to Chancellor like they never hear about maxi taxis. So when they said it was an easy hike I should have known better.

The trail wasn't that bad heading down to the cove even though my thighs were burning like the Carnival I was wining low to Saucy Wow's "Wining Queen" aka "Stick It" for two days (All the band female rope handlers get jam that Carnival). It was worth it though as when we got there we were greeted by a scenic waterfall and a picturesque beach.

The tide was high so we weren't able to access the Caves or other land formations that people usually go to. I could have gone down what looked like a treacherous path to get pics of the full waterfall but then it would be impossible for y'all to see it if I fell off the ledge and was lost at sea. I did manage to get this one usable pic that I posted here.

I can neither confirm nor deny whether persons ventured into the water but I did not. After all, beaches are closed. Whether the coast guard stops playing all fours and cooking pelau long enough to police the coast and lock people up for Covid violations is irrelevant.

In two-twos it was time to head back up. I was a little disappointed at the limited time to get my shots but worse, I had no idea the nightmare to come. Somehow it didn't fully click that all downhill terrain to reach the cove meant all uphill to go back.

Not to mention the pace these fitness freaks were moving. There were at least 3 occasions where I decided it would be easier to just build a small hut in the bush and live there rather than continue climbing that mountain. Even the unathletic looking ladies passed me and were moving like they just strolling around the Savannah and going for pholourie after. At one point I heard someone ahead of me say "who's breathing so hard?" So I promptly drank some water, slowed my breathing and told my heart attack to wait until I'm in the privacy of my home.

All in all Peechon Cove is a hidden gem. Hidden from unfit non-hikers like myself. Seriously though, if you're willing and can go with a relaxed group and take it at an easy pace then it is worth checking out. It's definitely a workout though, right now my thighs feel like Mr Killa after lifting up and wining with a bag of "big-oonks" whole night to perform "Rolly Polly" at his first show.


PS: I had a good time and I'm grateful to the hiking group but I definitely need to start training in order to be fit enough to train with them.

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