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Feb 10, 2020
Intelligence-led Policing

Intelligence-led Policing

Friends I come here today to commend and applaud the tremendous crime fighting efforts of the TTPS.

I mean when they kept talking about intelligence-led policing I thought it meant a risk-based approach where intelligence officers guided police operations. I had no idea that it really meant nationwide roadblocks. You see, this is why you leave these things to the experts.

Here I was wondering how come in my experience living abroad for almost a decade, the only time the authorities would set up a roadblock was in response to a specific event or potential threat.

I don't think foreign police realize just how effective having roadblock-Friday or traffic-check-Tuesday really is. Why stress yourself out gathering intelligence when you can just set up roadblocks outside bars or parties and catch people. Smart!

I think it's also a stroke of genius to still carry out roadblocks knowing there are groups on social media literally dedicated to sharing information on where the latest roadblock is. I mean you're probably only gonna catch the duncest criminals or people still using a BlackBerry and asking their friends for BB pins, but hey every bit counts right?

My advice to the TTPS though is to become more circumspect in their roadblock logistics. Just like more than 3 "goonta" looking fellas liming is probably a gang, everyone knows that more than 3 police congregated in one location is a potential roadblock.

We the public do appreciate the roadblocks with fixed locations, like the ones on or at the end of the Avenue on a weekend or the various ones in and around the nation's capital on J'Ouvert morning. It doesn't take an IQ of the Brain from Pinky and the Brain for us to know to head out before you start your intelligence-led policing.

Once again I just want to say that I fully support the work the TTPs does. Yes we have to factor in roadblock time when we are planning our commute and yes there is a lot of lost productivity because of these random, fixed, publicized roadblocks but I for one don't mind a little extra traffic and car exhaust in my life.

I just have one suggestion, given the effectiveness of this 21st century roadblock technique why not go from door to door and ask people if they have contraband in their house? Make sure you tell us before you come though eh, so that we could use our roadblock social media groups to tell our friends. That way we could all have a tall glass of mauby waiting for you, because padna, that sun hot.


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