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Feb 14, 2020
Love is Lovely

Love is Lovely

Today, February 14, 2020, Valentine's Day, Machel Montano is apparently getting married in the Rotunda of the newly refurbished Red House.

I must admit I am relieved that the actual ceremony is not taking place at the concert on Monday. I hate to sit down through long wedding speeches especially when the bar isn't open yet. At least everyone can purchase drinks and food whenever and not have to wait until tanty Edna talk about when he was small running around in his spiderman jockey shorts.

A lot of ladies are going to be upset today. Plenty of them regard Machel as their pretend husband. However ladies I think you've had more than enough fantasy time. In fact Machel probably would have been married already if the restoration of the Red House didn't take so long. About 10 years the man waiting to fulfill every little girl's dream, meet a superstar millionaire and get married in the Red House.

But what if though Machel was really stalling? What if he was under pressure from whomever and his response was "I will get married when the Red House is finished" fully expecting, as I did, for it to take eons. Then boom he pick up a Trinidad Guardian and see they unveiling the new Red House and he was like "huy!"

I must hand it to the Monk though. A cheap, sorry, intimate wedding at the Red House followed by a pappyshow, sorry, public celebration, paid for by his fans is a stroke of brilliance. In fact, Machel might be one of the few people in history to make money off their wedding. That is business acumen.

While I'm no Machel fan I would like to say congratulations to him, his bride and those fans that would be there to celebrate this auspicious occasion with the soca world boss.

Now just a few words of advice from one married man to the next:

1. Stay away from other gal touching your Conch Shell, wives apparently don't like that.

2. Your dancer girls would need to start wearing full tracksuits and it might be better to get some "fluffy" dancers just to be safe.

3. Now that yuh married expect to get messages on your phone while on stage like "stop at Superpharm on yuh way home" or "bring a bread".

4. As you embark on this journey I hope your lawyers have explained that in Trinidad and Tobago there is no such thing as a pre-nup. Common Law means half my youte, so act accordingly.

5. Oh, you are no longer in charge of anything. In fact fully expect to get the "you're not the Monk in this house! You feel I is one of them gyal and dem with you?"

So once again congrats to Machel and fans. Love is lovely.

Happy Valentine's Day all. Remember, even if nobody loves you, you must love yuhself. Plus it's probably cheaper being single today.


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