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Nov 14, 2021
Maracas Waterfall

Maracas Waterfall

I would say I am ashamed this was my first trip to this landmark but from my past carnival behavior allyuh know I don't know what shame is. Anyway, at 300 feet, Maracas Waterfall whose water cascades from Mt. El Tucuche, is the tallest waterfall in the country and quite the experience.

Now if you're one of those who've been there or go there regularly, then good for you. What do you want for that, a rough tops cookie? Don't come here to make the rest of we local tourists feel "ah how".

The waterfall is quite easy to find. Just drive up that Maracas St. Joseph road (don't know the real name of the road). Keep driving until you reach a sign on the left telling you to make a right to the waterfall. Now parts of that side road have some craters as if it is a WASA pothole training center. Follow the road until you reach some houses at the base of an incline and park there. Don't block anybody driveway and don't park on a pile of dog poops like I did.

Speaking of which, we had a dude with us that felt the urgent call of nature while we were at the meeting point by the church near the Eastern Main Road. Water was more than flour so he sought relief at the church but eventually was accommodated by the nearby police station. I guess the church wasn't interested in the donation he was looking to make.

Anyway, from the parking spot it's a straight walk up hill, past the fancy rest area, through the bush, up the mountain, climb over a treacherous drain, over the landslide debris, try not to fall down the mountain and die and up to the waterfall. As you can see from the pic the waterfall is imposing, impressive and majestic. There is also a lower area with small falls by a river.

Hear nah, I had no idea Maracas St. Joseph people are so possessive for this thing. They actually believe the waterfall belongs to them and they only allow the rest of the nation access to it. Doh get me wrong I'm not complaining or saying it wrong but just know doh go up there with your rest of the country "wajang" behavior.

The hike itself wasn't super difficult but it is a decent workout. It didn't make me feel to curl up in a ball and wait for paramedics like at Peechon Cove. I definitely plan to head up there again when rivers are open so I could take a Maracas pneumonia bath.


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