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Sep 16, 2021

Nicki is Right

Yuh know what, Nicki is right. Allyuh too schupid. From long time everyone knows that Nicki Minaj does not give two "ish's" about Trinidad and Tobago. Nicki wouldn't fart on T&T if we was on fire and only wind from a St James dougla would put it out.

Yet Trinis want to keep swinging from she figurative swollen testicles. Which is not surprising given that is the modus operandi of the nation. We does latch on to anyone with even a sliver of a link to this twin island nation once they even remotely famous or noteworthy.

She didn't even bound to be from St James, she parents coulda meet in Hilton during a carnival for a secret rendezvous while listening to S Carter and Squeezy Rankin with her being the product 9 months later. Trinis woulda claim her as their own. Just look at this Navy soldier that happen to be here on a US ship. Trinis done claim her like is the last salt prune in the tin.

Nicki sex offender husband came down here and put hands on the Water Lord Iwer and Trinis was all up in arms but then allyuh tune in to she IG to hear her spew all manner of falsehood about the nation. Allyuh give she IG live validation.

So it good for allyuh. Nicki selling garbage about T&T is fitting since Trinis have no identity of their own. Right now some Trini clown feeding her nonsense information, she buying it wholesale and vomiting it back out on social media. But guess what....alyuh go still claim her when she put out she music.

Anyway...lemme go check my IG and make sure my gonads not swollen....more than usual.


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