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Feb 7, 2020
No good soca?

No good soca?

For weeks different people have been talking the same tripe about how there is no good soca this year or that 2020 soca is underwhelming. However, when you ask them what exactly they're looking for in soca they have no answer.

So I decided that, instead of continuing the ridiculous discussion where I say anecdotally "your ears blind or wah? It have plenty good soca", I would actually compile an unbiased list of the top soca songs of the season so far based on air-play and crowd reactions.

Now you may not like all the songs on the list but they are all quality offerings and have been pleasing crowds at fetes. I would know as I've been to quite a few.

Anyway, here is the list. It is NOT in rank order. It is also just a sample, it is by no means meant to be exhaustive. Which means don't come telling me "TANA yuh forget this song or that Machel".

1. No Tomorrow - Kerwin Du Bois
2. Ms Carnival - Voice
3. X Games - Teddyson John
4. Wrong Again - Skinny Banton
5. Fatt - Nadia Batson
6. Dear Promoter - Kes and Voice
7. Boss Lady - Kes
8. Dey Wah Soca - Kes
9. Outside - Viking Ding Dong
10. Feeling It - Swappi
11. Jumbie - Swappi
12. Soca Global - Erphaan Alves
13. Pick a Side - Erphaan Alves & Kes
14. Stage Gone Bad - Kes & Iwer George
15. Carry On - Patrice Roberts
16. Real Woman - Patrice Roberts
17. Is We - Patrice Roberts
18. Canboulay - Blaxx
19. Yuh bad - Preedy
20. Bun Up - Shal Marshall
21. Nasty Up - Problem Child
22. Feel it - Problem Child
23. Sick Head - Problem Child
24. Shots - Motto
25. Big Ride - Motto
26. Break A Branch - Motto & Bunji Garlin
27. Do Like That - Lyrikal
28. Rukshun - Lyrikal
29. Bus A Wine - Bunji Garlin & Fay-ann Lyons
30. The Struggle - Bunji Garlin
31. Looking for China - Bunji Garlin
32. Dive - Fay-ann Lyons
33. We Rum and Soca - Destra Garcia
34. Naked - Skinny Fabulous
35. Up and Up - Skinny Fabulous
36. Stink Behavior - Machel Montano & Teddy Rhymez
37. Play Harder - Machel Montano
38. Brace - Machel Montano
39. Boss Wine - Machel Montano & Salty
40. Everytime - Machel Montano
41. Ramp Up - Machel Montano & Kerwin Du Bois
42. Toat - Motto & Nessa Preppy & Teamfoxx
43. Waste Man - Sekon Sta
44. Feel the Love - DJ Private Ryan & Freetown Collective
45. Splash - Patrice Roberts & Nessa Preppy
46. More Sokah - Nailah Blackman
47. Who Pay? - Sekon Sta & Salty & Skorch Bun It & Coolbaze
48. Dushi - Kes
49. Kiss - Nadia Batson
50. Conch Shell - Machel Montano & Iwer George & Skinny Fabulous

So there you have it, good soca songs. Some of them are downright great!

If you could watch/listen to that list and still talk that "no good soca" nonsense, which is the equivalent of the juice that drips from the garbage truck, then you don't know or don't like good soca.

ALLYUH TOO WICKED!! Allyuh so go beg a man for the last suck in he salt prune.


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