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Dec 2, 2019
Pan Under Duress

Pan Under Duress

So a while back I did a review of Pan on the Avenue and in it I reiterated my loathing of Pan the instrument, not Pan the fete on the Greens. Following that review a certain Logger threatened to expose me to the "joys" of Pan and convert me to the faith. Yesterday was that reckoning.

When I accepted the invitation to attend Massy Trinidad All Stars Classical Jewels XII The Movie concert at NAPA my intention was to try to keep an open mind but leave the concert still not liking Pan. I mean this was not the first time I've been to a Pan concert, I went to Pan Festival in Jean Pierre Complex back in the day....under duress. How much different could this experience be?

Right off the bat it was nothing like I expected. The staff at NAPA were friendly and helpful and my Pan tormentor made sure my entry was seamless. When she directed me to the free cocktails I thought "good call, liquor is just what I need to get through this". After having my cocktail and 3/4 of the wife's own, I figured I was sufficiently relaxed to endure the pain.

The crowd was a mixed one, the outfits ranged from best can-can and opera dress to man in polos and jeans, there were even two men in the nuts-man, brown cap...big grain.

Whenever I'm in NAPA I always look up at the balconies on the sides for the two muppet old dudes who always criticizing something. That is like a dream job for me, how come nobody guided me along that career path?

The concept of the concert was that the orchestra played distinctive songs from the musical scores (I know terminology) of various movies while certain scenes from the movies were shown on a screen in the background. They got the ball a rolling with the intro from Star Wars, the one with the words scrolling through space. The other film scores included Indiana Jones, The Godfather, ET, Magnificient Seven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jaws among others. I hope they made each member of the orchestra watch every single one of those movies.

Part of the production included a pretend family planted in the audience acting out typical trini outing drama while narrating and giving instructions to the crowd. There were skits in the middle of the crowd while the orchestra played songs from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Black Panther. In addition there were performances from the young All Stars, a Phantom of the Opera duet, Dane Gulston preformed a solo and the UTT choir belted out notes in perfect harmony.

They even had a Sound of Music sing along that the wife was waay too involved in. I had to disown her and pretend she was a Tourette's patient sitting next to me. One of our good friends, let's call him "Esteban", won the movie medley competition where you had to guess the movies the orchestra played in a specific segment. It's a good thing too because the amount of thought he look like he was putting into that he had to either win or crack the Da Vinci code.

The actual concert was about an hour and a half long. After about an hour they gave us a 20 min intermission, probably to stop us from developing DVT (deep vein thrombosis). It was like back in the days of double features or long movies like "Dances with Woves" in Globe cinema except nobody was shouting at some lady to "put a bress in that child mouth". The orchestra was so good that plenty times I forgot they were playing and got caught up watching the movie scenes on the screens or listening to the singers on stage.

At the end of it all, I would like to say thank you very much to the young lady, let's call her "Staci-Ann", who took it upon herself to disrupt my peaceful, relaxing Sunday evening with an outing showcasing the beauty of an instrument that has long been the bane of my existence. It helped me realize that it's not that I don't like Pan the instrument, it's more that I don't like the noise that is Panorama.


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