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Feb 6, 2022


Everyone that knows me....wait, that sounds like a "big up" on some urban radio station. Anyway, everyone that knows me knows I'm a follower of rules. I am a firm believer in law and order. It wasn't always that way however. When I was a young...younger man I was most rebellious. Rules?? Hmpf...that didn't apply to me.

So when the government implemented all the restrictions to fight Covid-19 I complied like any good citizen concerned with the welfare of their fellow man would. I was fully on board when the narrative was "follow the science". However, now that the order of the day is do whatever makes sense economically I am less inclined to be a team player.

In December 2021 the Minister of Health was advising the public not to invite persons who don't live in your household over for Christmas because of the virus. In January 2022 the same people in charge are saying it's ok to go with a crew of 6 or 9, regardless of if they live with you, into a pod for a taste of carnival.

How is it safe to be in a pod for carnival type events but not safe for people to play outdoor team sports? How is it safe to go on a hike, to the beach or to gather with 5 or 8 friends in a glorified cow pen but I can't legally play a 5-a-side small goal sweat or play cricket which is a non contact sport?? HOW?!!

I know people will say it's lives versus livelihoods, which I totally get. However, when the decisions to accomplish that end keeps getting more and more arbitrary that's where I have difficulty. Right now I am at a point where I don't see the logic in certain decisions which makes it difficult to continue to comply.

No wonder people keep having pandemic zess and illegal J'Ouvert parties. You cannot be telling people it's not wise to congregate in a pandemic but it's ok to congregate in a safe zone or Caribbean Championship Wrestling sized ring . In fact, I think I would be more supportive if Abdullah the Butcher, Uncle Victor Jovica, Carlitios Colon or Invader #1 were involved.

I used to question all these illegal sweats I used to see all over the country because of my pathological need to follow the rules. Not any more. I now get where these miscreants are coming from. You can't manage by hypocrisy. What's good for the goose should be good for the gander.

So if allyuh see me in a underground sweat just mind your business and know that the authorities have lost my support for their folly.


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