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Jul 27, 2020


As a nation we are still not taking this pandemic seriously. Employers are urging staff to wear masks when dealing with customers but not when interacting with each other. It is common place to see coworkers standing less than six feet apart talking to each other with either no mask or the mask under their chin.

People you don't know your coworkers hygiene or low-giene habits when they're not in the office. They could leave work and go lick the railing in City Gate and come back to work normal and infect everyone.

Some companies have separate entrances for certain levels of staff that don't have sinks or sanitizer stations. Maybe they think Covid don't infect managers.

Also, people are going to bars and meeting up with their friends and nobody is wearing masks or social distancing. People drinking and engaging in the customary "I love you from long time" drunk person hug. It's as if they think Covid only infects strangers. I could see it now, Covid enters Frankie's and sees people acting foolishly, comes over and says "oh sorry, y'all know each other. Aight, imma look for strangers to infect instead. Have a blessed night. Oh, it have a roadblock by the Stadium eh."

Stop being complacent people. This thing is spreading and our laid back lackadaisical demeanor is not helping. You probably would survive being infected you know but the lasting effects might make you wish you didn't. Some of your friends and coworkers might not be so lucky either.

So stop it!!! Time to get serious before it's too late.

This has been an unpaid, non-political post.


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