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Jul 7, 2021

RBL Online and Mobile Banking Update

Ok so I finally GT with this Republic simmy-dimmy. No I wasn't able to get on to them via phone or email but like most things in Trini, a link with a link help organize the scene.

It's actually a pretty straightforward process IF 1. It was communicated properly 2. If your password doesn't contain special characters and 3. If you haven't managed to lock yourself out like I did.

For those of you who haven't tried it yet, here is the "easiest" way to get it done. screenshots...Republic not paying me.

1. Download the Republic Mobile app but don't do anything with it yet. Just download it and DON'T TOUCH IT!!

2. Go to the web browser and navigate to the Republic Online website and enter your username and password.

3. If you have temporary password because yuh brand new, out of the showroom to online banking. You'll be taken to a screen where you can change your password to anything alphanumeric but NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS.

4. Either way you'll then be asked to create the elusive "SECRET QUESTION" and "SECRET ANSWER". Make sure you could remember these in the future eh.

5. At some point you'll have to choose an image that you'll see again whenever you login on the website. Choose anything you want. No you can't upload a selfie.

6. Then it will tell you it needs a second authentication something or the other (yes the platform is very needy). You can choose SMS or the Mobile app. Choose Mobile App (hope you didn't touch it eh) because I hear the SMS option is bollocks. A QR code square thingy-majigy will come on the screen with some numbers below it. Don't close your browser.

7. Now you can touch the app. Go to the app but don't try to log in yet. Select the activate security or something so in the lower half of the home screen. Then enter your username and choose the enter coupon code option and use the code that's underneath the QR code in your browser (that's why I said not to close it smarty pants).

8. Then the website starts syncing....and syncing....and syncing........eventually it finishes and now you're in the online website.

9. Now log out of the website because you can't have simultaneous access, meaning you can't be logged into the website and the mobile app at the same time.

10. Go to the mobile app and enter your username and your password. DO NOT select the remember username option. Also, DO NOT select to use them facial recognition or fingerprint sorcery.....and BOOM you're in the app!!

11. Send me money.

If it feels like an SEA question or you're trying to come up with a theoretical model for cold fusion don't worry, once you get to the create secret question screen it's basically just a matter of following all the instructions....carefully.

PS: if you're locked out well das a hard luck dey fam....yuh go hadda wait until you could get on to them or link a link to link a link.


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