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Oct 26, 2021

Shocked and Surprised by RBC....Again

Now allyuh know my struggles with this institution. I could write a book on the trials, tribulations and travesty of being a RBC customer. It usually brings to mind the lines we were given to write as students in CIC by one teacher when we misbehaved:

"The way of the transgressor, is extremely, exceedingly, extraordinarily difficult and hard!"

x1000 times

However, allyuh also know me to be a man to give Jack his jacket and Jim his gym boots. So today I must say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by the level of service I received at RBC Westmoorings branch, formerly West Mall (now known as The Falls if you're stoosh).

Let me set the scene. Since before Covid was a flick RBC has been harassing customers to collect their new fancy Visa Debit Card. They're all proud and "daddy look at me" with their new chip and PIN cards. They even had a pick-up schedule, alphabetically by last names which meant I didn't expect to get mine until 2025 after they dealt with all the Ali's, Edwards', Mohammed's and Joseph's.

However, once the country emerged from full lockdown they started spamming you to come get yuh damn card. They were almost as bad as the language learning app Duolingo. If you miss one day with Duolingo that weird bird looking icon stalking yuh and asking yuh if you give up on life and saying how you go never amount to anything.

Anyway, I decided to go and get my card today because why not. The bank opens at 10am but I went early-ish and took a spot in the line. This kinder, gentler RBC actually provided a tent for customers rather than have them brave the elements like some suffering 10 man picket line protesting the SOE.

Soon I noticed a strange thing was happening, something that doesn't typically happen at RBC...the line was moving!! It was 9:45 but they were letting customers in and actually conducting business with them. I looked around to make sure I was at the right bank.

When it was my turn to go in I told the CSR my purpose and she replied "did they tell you that your card was here?" Immediately I thought "AHA! There's the RBC I know. Here comes the mix-up which is somehow my fault".

I explained that they were running meh down to collect meh card like if they have a sou sou scam and need 2 people. To which the CSR took my ID, searched the system and politely directed me to a line to receive service.

Ten minutes later I emerged from the bank with my brand new, still in plastic, debit card. I opted not to destroy the old one though because let's face it, even with this positive experience, it's still RBC we talking about.


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