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Oct 10, 2021
The Quest is Over

The Quest is Over

I finally reached the fires of the volcano, deep in the heart of Mt. Doom. It was here the One Filter was forged. You know, the "One Filter to rule them all, One Filter to find them, One Filter to bring them all and in the darkness bind them". It was with the help of the Fellowship of the Filter and Tana's Log, that we were able to navigate the badlands of to find the One Filter.

However, avoiding the Nazgul in customs would have been impossible without the help of the sorceress Rhonda Gillian Ottley. Thanks to Rhonda "The White" we were able to defeat the all seeing eye of Parts World and Reliable and get 3 filters for 30 of those United States bucks. Now we set for the next 18 months. Boom! Bang!

Thanks again Rhoda and y'all watch out for those Orks selling you items and don't have the parts to maintain them....leaving you to Fens for yourself.


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