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Feb 10, 2022
Trini Van Gogh Vandal

Trini Van Gogh Vandal

This story about the security guard that vandalized a painting valued at £740,000 because he was bored reminded me of something that happened when I was in college.

Now in our college (Morehouse College men large up unno self) art was part of your core courses in freshman year. It was basically a nothing class where you got an A for mid-terms just because you had the textbook. Which only one of us Trinis had and shared it amongst the group when it was time to display it for mid-terms. Yeah...we tricky like dat.

Basically the entire class was about viewing art, thinking about art and writing about art. There was no actual making of art. You see the professor was one of those burnt out art/educator types that didn't give two shi....shillings about whether we learned anything or not. He seemed like he wanted to be in that class room even less than us. It didn't help that the class was at the crack of dawn....yeah 8am is dawn in college.

Anyway, back to the story. My crew and I decided to go on an outing to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to see the Van Gogh exhibit to complete an assignment for the jokey art class. The exhibit had priceless works like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'. It was truly impressive.

While we're walking around, this Neanderthal padna of ours (name rhymes with Ravin Hamirez) decided he wanted to check the texture of the painting and proceeded to put his bare, knuckledragger finger on a Van Gogh painting. I was MORTIFIED. However, before I could ask "what the fowl foot souse wrong with him", the museum security immediately appeared.

I swore we were going to jail and I was now about to give them my eye witness testimony to cut a plea deal with Jack McCoy when the officer told him politely but sternly..."you losing your facking mind or wah? Wah yuh really telling yourself red man?" Ok, it was more like "please don't do that or we will be forced to have you detained and prosecuted". Talk bout shame ting. I pretended I didn't know the man for the rest of the day.

Moral of the story. You can't go nowhere nice with Fatima men. Them fellas have no culture.


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