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Nov 28, 2019
Trinidad S01 E4

Trinidad S01 E4

Every time I think "ok what am I going to write about next?" the universe hears my dilemma and directs my attention to the morning newspaper. I don't know who's in charge but these stories seem to be scripted in a Calabash Alley sort of way.

Take for instance this stray bullet story. Allegedly (and you have to say "allegedly" otherwise you could get sued even if we all know it's facts...unless you're in Parliament where you can fabricate any Nancy Drew story about anyone you want). So...allegedly gunmen went on the rooftops in the plannings (the projects in local parlance) and fired at each other. 5 stray bullets ended up in a classroom in South East Post of Spain Secondary School while students were doing their end of term exams. I wouldn't be surprised if those bullets finished in the top 10 in class this term.

According to the story the bullets would have entered the compound from the back of the school, not unlike most school "chirren" these days. 9 O'clock in the morning....gunman in yuh multiple choice.

Meanwhile, the T&T Registered Nurses Association wants a special high-risk ward to be established at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for injured gang members and their affiliates, to prevent a repeat of Tuesday night’s murder. I agree totally. It should be in a wing of Remand Yard.

Whatever happened to gangsters having a mob doctor like on tv? So basically we want to set up a special wing in the hospital to have the police come and protect these "good boys" from other "good boys"? Maybe the grannies who defend them and the "allyuh too wicked" lady should be nurses on that ward.

Speaking of that incident. I read three different papers and get three different versions of the story. The victim was being treated for stab wounds or chop wounds. It was 1 assailant or 2 assailants. He or they were dressed as CSI technicians or orderlies and it may or may not have been a case of mistaken identity. I'm going to read one more paper just in case it was Thanos that did it.

The overall winner of a headline was "Griffith: I do not choke". My initial thought was that's a little too much information there Gary, this ain't an episode of Law and Order SVU. What you do in the privacy of your home is your own business. Actually his words were “I am not the Guyana Amazon Warriors or Messi. I do not choke.” That might be a lil harsh on their fans there Gars. I for one did not believe that accusation for a minute. Gary looks more like a slapper than a choker.

Wow..."Trinidad" is lit...add in the alleged Parkade bombing and this week's episode has been on fire....the Parkade not so much. If the producers keep this up I may have to do a regular feature on this page.


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