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Jan 30, 2022

Unions Again

Now I've been trying to stay in my lane, bat in my crease, drink gin and mind my business but these Unions really grinding my gears.

The most recent folly from these fellas is the arrogant objection to one multinational organization reducing staff due to a reorganization that made some local positions redundant. Imagine these Union blokes call the people press release a "proposal" as if they need their agreement or approval.

According to the Union, the business needs to justify to the Ministry of Labour why they make certain business decisions and what is behind the drive to digitization. Amm hello, we're in 2022! Just because you're still using an abacus and a cream rotary phone doesn't mean that modern businesses need to as well.

Is it that they believe we don't live in a free market economy?? It is annoying yet not surprising that the same people that quick to shout "tyranny" for mandates and everything under the sun, are the same ones that want the government to intervene in the legitimate business affairs of private enterprises.

Apparently these comrades have no issue with authoritarianism as long as it's on their terms and addresses the things they care about, namely Union dues.

I don't know where these fellas learned economics but according to their logic businesses must keep staff levels the same regardless of the economic realities or strategic objectives of the organization.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no extra special feeling in my loins for banks or big corporations with massive profits. I also definitely feel it for anyone who loses their source of income, especially in the current environment. However, businesses are also accountable to those who invest capital in the business namely shareholders, debt holders, international owners etc.

Time and again Unions seem to want businesses to run themselves bankrupt rather than make changes. Then it is the rest of employees that suffer or tax payers that have to fund the eventual rescue in the case of a public sector entity.

The Unions need to utilize 21st century thinking to solve these 19th century problems. How about having a fund to help affected members transition to other employment. How about funding training programs to make members more valuable and marketable. How about contributing to solutions rather than fighting everything in the name of protecting your status quo.

Anyway lemme go back in my crease before I get stump out.


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