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Jun 10, 2021


So instead of always being the cacahole who always criticizing I decided I'll try my hand today at offering solutions. In real life I'm a problem solver...although they tell me alcohol isn't always the answer.

Now I don't claim to have all the solutions but here are a few common sense suggestions to help improve the vaccination rollout farce:

1. First of all, STOP CALLING IT A "MASS VACCINATION" or "WALK-IN" or "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED" system. That alone makes it seem like a free for all.

2. Go back to the appointment system but utilize the Licensing/Passport Office/any other Ministry online system that works to manage the demand and supply of vaccines. Communicate to the public that if they aren't called or if they show up when it's not their time they will be sent home until it's their turn.

3. Enforce your own guidelines across all RHAs uniformly. Each RHA doing their own thing and "playing it by ear". The exceptions being made and the "links" being allowed making everyone feel they could go down and try to "get through".

4. If you want to go alphabetically for those over 60 then liaise with the NIB and Min of Social Development to get an idea of the number of people over 60 in each letter category and schedule names accordingly. Anybody who big and have sense know that scheduling names beginning with A to E on one day is lunacy.

5. Utilize large locations like the stadia across the country, mall car parks, Savannah, anywhere with open space to have drive-thru vaccination. Let people pre-register online so they could just swing thru get their shot and bubble.

6. For the roll out to the general public, in addition to the RHAs, utilize the large pharmacy chains (except Starlite bec know) to distribute for a "nominal fee" to those willing to pay (like me) to avoid the crowds and the risk. They can do it by appointment as well. The fee would ensure that the crowds are kept to a minimum.

Some of these suggestions probably can't work for whatever reason but hey, let's start thinking things through before we just say that "everyone over 60 who last name is A to E come for your vaccine", without knowing how many people that is in each area or not telling people you only giving out 50 doses at a location and if they miss that they SOOL (**** out of luck).


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