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Sep 21, 2021

Who Schedules 8am Meetings?!

To the people who schedule meetings for 8:00 am or 3:30 pm on a Friday afternoon, is everything ok at home? Probably not. Something is clearly not right with y'all.

Like allyuh don't understand that most people need time to decompress after being shocked awake by their alarm at an ungodly hour and dealing with the multitude of "ignoramuses" on the road. They also need time to mentally prepare to deal with a the idio....I mean special people who will be in the meeting.

Maybe they think that first thing in the morning, as people get to the office, is when they are at their most productive but I beg to differ. For at least the first hour after getting to the office most people are still questioning their life choices and whether they actually need this job. Some are logging into internet banking to figure out if $473.32 could last until they find another job.

The worst part is when you drag yourself into an 8am meeting and the organizer is not even there. This "jack-a-hole" summoned me here at this hour and late!! Then when they reach they're all bubbly and motivated like they're actually happy to be there. Listen Linda, I'm barely controlling the urge to physically assault you, please just clam down and start the meeting.

The people who set Friday afternoon meetings are no better. Those people have a special place in hell with a designated parking spot and a corner office opposite the Prince of Darkness and the members of the board.

I'm proposing that nobody schedules a meeting before 9am or after 2pm. That way there will be less people in the morning with a "HYMC" expression on their face, known in corporate speak as "I hear you, but I have some concerns".

There will also be less road rage in the evening if people are allowed to calm down after listening to Kevin ask a question near the end of the meeting about something that was said at the beginning. This fool makes everyone stay late because he's either trying to dodge traffic or he's giving his woman's "side man" time to leave before he reach home.

Anyway...lemme go prepare for my 2pm meeting because God knows I need this job.


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