Mena Abbott Butcher

His " gift of gab".....full marks 💯 get the visual popping straight out of the writings ......

Asha Rodriguez

everything is so good he is the best

Josanne Elizabeth Boodasingh

Satire composed with impeccable grammar. Must be smart to get it. If you’re not intelligent forget about reading this blog ...

Dawn Thomas

Very real opinions delivered in an entertaining way. Not for the easily offended 🤪

Djeey Sclass

Nice 👍🏾 vibes Trinidad 🇹🇹 Tobago

Staci-Ann Patrick

...he sees betweens the lines and says it like it is. Every read makes me more appreciative of every flaw and perfection we are as Trinbingonians😀😁😀

Marlene Murray

Both informative and humorous!!

Debra Cornwall

informative an entertaining

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